Aubrey’s steward, a great grumpy however, precious reputation in the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin variety of Napoleonic naval activities

Aubrey’s steward, a great grumpy however, precious reputation in the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin variety of Napoleonic naval activities

Aubrey’s steward, a great grumpy however, precious reputation in the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin variety of Napoleonic naval activities

It has been jocularly backronymed so you can “Continue Peeling”, within the mention of the common perception regarding Soldiers peeling carrots; yet not, in the united states, current Military statutes exclude non-food features teams out of cooking

Jodie/Jody (U. S.) Men which steals good Soldier’s girlfriend/partner when deployed, in industry, or even in education. Many times referred to in cadences made use of during the exercises that cadences themselves are particularly known as Jodies otherwise Jody phone calls.

Isn't zero use in goin' family, Jodie's had your girl alone.

Joe (You.S. Army) A good Soldier. Joe Navy (You.S. Navy) An overly eager “gung-ho” Sailor (see Lifer). Pejorative. Juicy or racy girl (You.S.) Label supplied to an effective prostitute or pub girl. Originated from Korea. joey (Canada) Can be used to determine an associate, otherwise good Soldier who is greatly based upon towards the anyone else. John Wayne (You.S.) Called good P-38. A small digit held can-opener. (United states Military) John Wayne can also refer to a beneficial Soldier who would not provides his helmet chinstrap buckled, and this works out John Wayne during the sixties battle video. John Wayne College or university (You.S.) Military Unique Pushes school, Fort Bragg. JN (You.S. Navy) Japanese Federal. Usually a great Japanese shipyard worker, but could additionally be placed on people Japanese citizen.

K [ change ]

kebab (U.K. & Commonwealth) An enthusiastic aircraft’s squirt system, section twist and heat up. keener (Canada) A recruit otherwise one who is new to help you a device you to is normally overly-contemplating his/their task. Secrets to routes 3 hundred (U.S. Navy): A form of snipe take a look. A unique subscribe is sent towards Repair Work environment or In a position Place to try to score secrets to begin a plane because of launch. Definitely, there are not any keys to army fighter jets, the latest gag is actually so you’re able to humiliate a new register. The amount offered ‘s the BUNO (agency amount), or painted aircraft designation of the newest join’s squadron, it may be any number.

(USAF Safeguards Pushes) Secrets to the brand new routes, a great JEEP laugh pulled towards gullible very first time Close-in Sentries. It requires often the area Management otherwise one of the Alarm Impulse Teams inquiring if the Close-in Sentry in the event that the guy obtained the newest secrets to new aircraft about sentry which he treated of one’s article, this new Trip Sargent and Chief may get in it. The brand new sentry is usually endangered which have a blog post-15 to possess dereliction off obligation, and goes on all day up until the guy becomes treated regarding the are in which he’s called with the Airline the reason or Commander’s workplace where he’s advised it absolutely was the bull crap.

K.We.An effective Killed Doing his thing Secrets to the newest Submarine/Ship/Reactor (U.S. Navy) Snipe see – Another sign up is sent all over the motorboat to acquire the latest points, so that the CO may started. Men and women tells new people they simply offered the secrets to anybody else, preferably at a distance otherwise difficult to get to help you. It is just like the “Keys to routes” snipe see, since there are no secrets for military ships larger than riverines and you will certainly no points to own submarines. KFS (U.K., Canada) Blade, shell and you may scoop. killick (Canada, U.K.) A vintage name to possess a homemade anchor, now familiar with reference a person in the newest rating off Top Seaman. This is certainly within the mention of the review badge and that typically is actually a single fouled point worn for the leftover arm. And, not which is also, the name out-of Capt. KITDAFOS (U.K.) Kept in the new black and you will fed into crap kite (RAF) aeroplane kiyi (You.S.) A proper page telling out of a man slain for action (K.I.A). klicks Miles KMAGYOYO Kiss my butt, guys: you are on the. (utilized “outside” the city regarding brothers or in jest) Knife and you may Fork College (U.S. Navy) (pejorative) The institution one to You.S. Navy physicians, nurses, dental practitioners and you will hospital directors head to just before researching their commissioning. So-called because of the religion that all they see discover personal graces. Knee-deep Navy (You.S.) U.S. Coast guard (pejorative), so-named by mistaken belief the latest You.S. Coast-guard never ever sails into deep water. bump it down (Singapore) Command to get into pushup reputation. “All of you want to bring your own sweet date. lot of you knock it off!” knuckle dragger (U.S. Navy Submarine Solution) A great Machinist’s Companion Additional-man, guilty of low-propulsion options such as the hygienic system or hydraulic system. The definition of is coined throughout the label one Machinist Friends is far less smart while the most other prices such as for example Radiomen or Sonar Auto mechanics, so they really rely mainly towards brute stamina to get their job over. (U.S. Sky Force) A team master, also called “wrench-turner” or “grease monkey”. KP (U.S., Canada) Abbreviation toward out-of-date title “Kitchen Cops”, a duty tasked (to other than just dining service team) to perform menial, however, called for, kitchen area chores such as for example dishwashing, serving and kitchen area cleanup, in most cases because the a discipline having crappy choices.

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